Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Humor Quotes

Cytaty, aforyzmy i sentencje o humorze

Laughter is an offensive weapon, tears are defensive.

Intelligence is not something extraordinary in the animal kingdom but, in the first place, among men.

Man invented the car to comfortably sit while standing in traffic jams.

Girls are getting more and more beautiful and … silly, they are approaching the Ideal.

There are many paths that lead a woman to a career. The shortest one is about 8 inches long.

The flaw of a thoughtless man is not that he doesn’t think, but that he believes he is able to think.

Woman is a man’s best friend but the most faithful is a dog.

Old men happen to be attractive when they have silver in their hair and gold in their pockets.

Many factors can bring a man off the right path. The major is good advice.

A woman is like an eyelash. As soon as you cast your eye over her she causes you pain. And trying to get rid of her you drown in a sea of tears.

Quotes about humor

Aphorisms live off the world’s ability to turn a lot of things, situations, habits and events into comedy. Laughter is the best cure for most diseases, including sadness or lack of color in one’s life. Quotes about humor support this statement and some of Andrzej Majewski’s quotes are based on it. They focus on turning seemingly tragic cases into things that people could mock, sometimes because they want to prevent the seriousness of them from becoming reality, because sometimes laughing and ridiculing something is a way to cope. It is not necessarily rational, but aphorisms about humor let their readers find themselves somewhere else for a bit, to forget about the ruthless world around them. Writing in general is meant to give people another life and offer new solutions and ideas, to life and how to live it, how to survive the downs and cherish the ups. Laughing out loud, enjoying yourself, living life to the fullest - how can you do that? Read these quotes by Andrzej Majewski, be reminded that pouring your heart out in writing is what creating art is about. Humor is a coping mechanism and a way to forget about life which keeps moving forward, where different events occur and our nightmares sometimes appear to be our new reality. The advice coming from these humorous quotes is to never forget to smile. Humor aphorisms depict even the worst parts of human existence in a funny way, reminding us that there is more to life out there than worrying.
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