Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Art Quotes

If you want to live after death – become an artist, if you want to live while alive – become a banker.

A mediocre artist puls in the audience by pulling down underwear.

The greatest artists earn the most after death.

Fame used to be attained by men of great character, now it is attained on small screen.

Previously an artist’s career was initiated by an exceptionally favourable review. Presently – by an exceptionally detrimental one.

Scientists are the salt of the Earth, the artist is the sweetness.

Nowadays art critics often mistake what’s original for what’s worthy.

Man invented clothing to cover the superficial and discover the inside.

Politics is a great art. You need to know how to persuade people to pay for being robbed.

A person who people are willing to pay more the more he deceives them is called an illusionist or a politician.

Quotes about art

Writing is art - many great things can be discovered through art. Find out what these quotes about art and creation say about these processes. Learn about the most known and world-class artists, painters, musicians and geniuses. Rock and punk rebels that took over the world of music, classical sculptors and ancient concepts of beauty, creating as a way of making oneself immortal - after all, this is the goal of many people, not to be forgotten. The concept of lasting is important for aphorisms since they are themselves a work of art. Writing immortalizes events and people. Many great people in the past have managed to stay alive through their art. Artists strive for greatness and fame, but fabricating and lying about things: feelings or experiences, is not the right be, as is shown in a few of Andrzej Majewski’s quotes about art. Being genuine and open are the must’s that a good artist should possess. Andrzej Majewski proves in his carefully written aphorisms that in order to be a true artist who owns a beautiful and unique gift, one must be honest. He despises those whose only goal is to get rich and be comfortable. Bravery is strongly encouraged, writing should help people release their bad feelings. The following art quotes speak the truth, as any artist should - if you want to find out how, start reading! Discover who you are by reading and recreating concepts in your mind.
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