Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Life Quotes

Cytaty, aforyzmy i sentencje o życiu

Life is that strange kind of theatre where tragedy mixes with farce, the screenplay is written by the actors, the conscience is the prompter and one never knows when the trap will open.

A slave dreams of freedom, the free men of wealth, the wealthy man of power, the powerful of freedom.

A man needs to gain enormous life experience not to be terribly experienced by life.

Old age is merciful; before it takes away your life it takes away your lust for life.

If men did not hope for an afterlife in that other, better world, maybe they would set about making this one better?

Life is somewhat like a magician’s trick. Rarely magical, often a trick.

The supreme goal of a man’s life is to sensibly manage the time between the birth and the death.

Woman’s life is a bed of roses, everywhere you look there’s a thorn, rarely a petal.

Nature is generous but thrifty.

The generation gap is understandable – youth live in the future, adults in the present and elders in the past.

Quotes about life

What is life about? Andrzej Majewski, the author of aphorisms, attempts to answer this question in more ways than one. There is not one answer here. It can be said that life is about all the other concepts already mentioned and quotes about life contain it all - the positive and negative emotions, ups and downs, motivation and not wanting to anything at all. In his words, life doesn’t end at work, money, fake friends, pretending to be someone you’re not, lying, crime or politics. Andrzej Majewski states that there is much more to life than that, but he doesn’t tell us what it is. There is everything to say with a few sentences, something excellent so that every word has greater meaning. These citations about children offer a separate summary of their defects and make a distinction between the best elements. Overall, these maxims are universal. They show a life that is not always happy, at times spectacular, at times harsh, but always authentic. Many of them consider and use popular thoughts, which are acknowledged and recast by society, and over the years culture has generated truths and declarations. Let yourself be immersed by the depth of these quotes about life. They speak the truth and save no room for fake feelings and words. Life should be like these aphorisms, honest and sharp, full of motivation and feeling. Start reading the life maxims and find out who you are by doing so. Discover a new way of living, which can be so much more beautiful than what you’ve had so far - keep on reading aphorisms about human life!
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