Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

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Professor Jan Miodek about Andrzej Majewski’s aphorisms

An aphorism is also like an invitation for tea. The author gives it the essence, lemon and sugar, but it’s the reader who pours in water…

I warmly invite everyone to ‘pour in water’ – to carefully read this collection. “The essence” is a number of deeply thought out truths about the world and man…

Prof. Jan Miodek

Aphorisms, quotes, maxims…

An aphorism is the oldest and shortest literary form, an aphorism is a quintessence of the human mind enrobed in words. They express general philosophical truths in a witty, surprising and often joking way. Because aphorisms are quoted frequently, they tend to be called ‘quotes’. But not every quotation is an aphorism. In an aphorism, there is wisdom, surprise, humor, paradox, and a moral at the end.

Many famous people were prominent aphorists, such as Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Nietzsche, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce. One of the most notable contemporary aphorists, widely read throughout the world, is Andrzej Majewski.

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