Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Motivation Quotes

The most potent power in the universe is the willpower.

There’s no better motivation to man’s actions than a strict ban.

Only great men can keep their head in the clouds and their feet firmly down on the ground.

Never curse an illness; better ask for health.

If you want to avoid choking – simply do not drink. But you will die of thirst.

If you want to be strong – keep training; if you want to keep winning all the time – do not fight.

When he has a choice man usually chooses the good. He chooses evil when he thinks he has no choice.

If you shout you will be heard by many; if you speak quietly you will be understood by many.

Remember: when you bow your head you make it easy for the executor.

If speech is silver, silence gold, listening must be platinium.

Quotes about motivation

A person who isn’t motivated will not get anywhere in life. Quotes about motivation, which you can find in this section, highlight some truths about motivation, how good or bad motives matter and define you, how you shouldn’t give up. Andrzej Majewski quotes great minds and shares his thoughts on people’s motivation. Quotes are supposed to describe both heroic traits and behaviors, as well as those imperfect ones, which not everyone wants to talk about, which many would rather keep hidden. The point of aphorisms about women is to describe them accurately but in a less conventional way, and that’s the role of these quotes. The whole point is to say something big using very few words, so that every word has more meaning. These quotes about women shed a different light on their flaws, make the best parts of them really stand out. All in all, these maxims are universal, show life as it is, not always happy, sometimes tragic, sometimes harsh, but always real. Nobody will come in existence if they are not driven by any force within them. Motivation quotes in the present chapter show some motivation facts, how nice or bad reasons matter and what you define, quotes explain both heroic and incomplete features, that many would like to maintain concealed, and not everyone would like to speak about - but they still exist. The point of motivation aphorisms is to be accurate but less standard in describing the things that really matter - being motivated is one of them.
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