Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

Quotes, aphorisms, maxims, words of wisdom – Andrzej Majewski

About Author

Andrzej Majewski (born November 12 th , 1966 in Wroclaw) is a writer, aphorist, columnist, photographer, screenwriter and director. He is one of the most cited contemporary Polish writers. His aphorisms have been published in numerous anthologies of Polish and international aphorisms, also released internationally. His aphorisms have been translated into English, German, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Greek, Romanian. He graduated from the Wroclaw University of Economics and got a PhD from the Department of Law of the University of Wroclaw. He is an author of academic articles on law, economy and society. He was the winner of the H. Steinhaus Aphorist Competition (1995) and awarded in the S. J. Lec Competition (2000). He was awarded for the series of photographs "The Ephemeralness of Eternity" in the International Photography Competition in Seoul, Korea (2007). He was awarded a badge for being “Meritorious for Polish Culture” by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2008). He was awarded in the international literary competition Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (2012) for the humanistic qualities of his work. He won the most prestigious international aphorism competition Premio Internazionale per l’Aforisma „Torino in Sintesi” (2012). He is the president of Sapere Aude Foundation and a member of the Mensa Society. He is a member of WKS Śląsk Wrocław, a co-founder and member of Automobile Club of Wrocław. and vice-champion of the Polish Rally Cup for Automobile Clubs (1998).

  • Literary and poetic work:

    “Aphorisms and maxims that will shake the world… or not”, written by Andrzej Majewski, illustrations by Arkadiusz Bagiński, foreword by Jan Miodek, Warsaw 1999, “A Book and Knowledge”, ​ISBN 83-05- 13036-3​

    “Aphorisms, or, begging your pardon, Magnum in Parvo”, written by Andrzej Majewski, illustrations by Arkadiusz Bagiński, foreword by Jan Miodek, Warsaw 2000, ‘A Book and Knowledge”, ISBN 83-05- 13104-1​

    “Adam – the Tireless Wanderer: a fairytale”, written by Andrzej Majewski, illustrations by Marcin Giejson, including reviews by Jan Miodek and Stanisław Srokowski, Warsaw 2002, The Salesian Publishing House, ​ISBN 83-7201- 127-3​

    “102 tips for smart, well-behaved and defiant children”, Wroclaw 2003, Supergoniec

    “Aphorisms for every occasion”, written by Andrzej Majewski, foreword by Jan Miodek, Warsaw, 2007, A Club For You – Bauer-Weltbild Media, cop., ISBN 978-83- 7404-673-2​

    “Andrzej Majewski. Breslau, Aphorismus”, chosen by Janeka Ane Madisyn, Berlin 2012, Plicpress, ISBN 978-6137835777

    “Aphorisms – quotations about: life, art, woman&man, politics and money”, author: Andrzej Majewski, SAF 2015, ASIN: B011SEIJQ8, ​ISBN 978-83- 914029-2-4​

  • Photographic work:

    "Sundance in the Rain" – a series of photographs (2000)

    “You and me: modern thoughts for my Polish friends”, text by Annelies Langner, translated by Ewa Jakubek, foreword by Jan Miodek, black and white photographs, Andrzej Majewski, Wroclaw 2006, published by The City Museum of Wroclaw and Sapere Aude Foundation, ​ISBN 83-89551- 15-2​

    “Ephemeralness of Eternity” – The Old Jewish Cemetery of Wroclaw, a photo album, photographs by Andrzej Majewski, text by Maciej Łagiewski, translated by Rina Benari, Ewa Jakubek, Maciej Koła, texts in Polish, English, German, Hebrew, Wroclaw 2005, released by Sapere Aude Foundation and the City Museum of Wroclaw, ​ISBN 83-89551-217​

  • Relevant photography exhibitions:

    “Ephemeralness of Eternity”:

    Wroclaw – Municipal Museum Town Hall (2004), Warsaw – The Capital Museum of Warsaw (2005), Seoul – Korea – Photo Gallery (2007), also awarded in the International Photo Competition 2007

  • Film work:

    “Radzik’s Club”, series (2006/2007), script, directing, theme song
    “Economy in everyday life”, educational series (2007), script
    “Economy in school”, educational series (2007), script
    “The World in Words”, series (2018), script, directing

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